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Hanson interview

does this make sense or am i confusing people? spelling mistakes, anything?

i've only written the interview up so far because i'm not really sure how to start the review, but here it is

FYI-Taylor left at the beginning which is why he 'reappears'

If it all ended tomorrow, what would you regret never having achieved?
Zac: Can I ask why it ends?
No (simply because I hadn’t thought that hard about it).
Zac: Is it like a doomsday thing?
No, just if you found out tomorrow you couldn’t continue with your career.
Zac: Erm…never playing live at Budokan. It’s a venue in Tokyo. Cheap Trick recorded a live album there.
Can I ask how you spell that?
Zac: I have no idea. That’s a Wikipedia moment.
Isaac: Something we’ve always talked about is doing a cover record with the artists we were influenced by. The ones that are still alive.

What do you admire most about your brothers?
I wasn’t going to ask that question, but I can do it for my siblings.
Isaac: Zac’s…clarity.
Zac: Isaac’s...inspiration.
What about Taylor?
Zac: What Taylor admires about us is our level of attractiveness.
I meant what do you admire most about Taylor?
Zac: Body odour.
Taylor: (making a reappearance reads the question off my notepad) What do you admire most about your brothers? That they can be in a band with me.
Zac: Yes.
Isaac: Actually, I want to say that too, because I can be hard to work with.
Zac: (without hesitation) Yes.
Isaac: Yeah.
Zac: I don’t mention how hard I am to work with, but…
Taylor: We all can be.
Zac: I still say body odour.
Is Taking the Walk a good representation of how you work together?
Taylor: It isn’t a particularly good representation of how we work together, because what you’re seeing is a small part of it.
Do you control what is put out?
Taylor: Yes, well, we’re producing it, so, yes. We show as much as we can, but we cut out some things. If something’s horrible-
Isaac: If we showed everything, you’d probably think we want to kill each other, all the time.
Taylor: It’s hours and hours of footage, we just show as much as we can.

If one of you decided to leave the band, would the other two continue recording as ‘Hanson’?
Isaac: (the expression on his face has changed with the last two words) As Hanson? Hell no.
Zac: The band would go on hiatus and give them time.
Would you try and work it out then?
Zac: Well, it depends on why they left.
Isaac: Well, we’ve been in a band together for 15 years-
Taylor: We would try and work through it if they could.
Have there been times where any of you have considered it?
Isaac: There have been times.
Zac: Yeah.
Isaac: We just give that person space.
Zac: This is not like any other job; you have to love what you do.
Would you consider working separately?
Zac: We’ve done side work.
Isaac: Nothing you’d know about yet. Under the radar stuff.

If you could go back to 1997 and warn yourself about one thing, what would it be?
Zac: The stock market crash.
Isaac: Yeah.
Nothing about your career?
Isaac: Starbucks. I would invest in Starbucks.
Zac: I would buy Starbucks.
Don’t you buy Starbucks regularly anyway?
Zac: No, I would buy Starbucks [the franchise]. My name would be Zac Starbucks Hanson.

Do you ever wish you could go back to the following you had at the height of Hanson-mania?
Taylor: Well, you rarely get that level of attention.
Zac: It’s hard to say.
Taylor: I don’t know if those people were fans of the music or if they bought it because it was what was popular. We can’t change people’s approach to our music. The industry changes. Our career is about shifts.
Isaac: It doesn’t really matter to us really, you can’t predict the changes. We still approach things the same way as they did then. I wish I had the perspective then that I have now.
Taylor: It would be nice to have that coverage again, and get our music heard by that many people, but…The fans now, can say that were there when we weren’t hugely successful and in 10 years they can still say they were fans even then and that’s what we care about.

Do you ever think any of you would go to college? And if you did what would you like to study?
Taylor: I would like to. I would want to study Political Science and International Economy. Also music and anything artistic.
Would you like to actually go to college, or do it over the internet?
Taylor: I would like the experience. I would like to go somewhere and have learning be a main focus. I think that’s something college students don’t understand how lucky they are to have that, they spend 4 years drinking away and then when they come out the other side…
Zac: I think there’s a difference between college here and in the US. Because here the last two years are just-
Isaac: It’s much more specific…
You can leave school at 16 and the last two years you pick 4 specific subjects and you choose your university course based on that.
Isaac: Yeah, so it’s different.
Zac: I would like to think I would want to go, but I don’t have the patience. I would rather learn by getting my hands dirty.
(At this point I’m told time is up)
Isaac: I’m just gonna answer that so you can get all three. Law. Music and Entertainment law. Just because I think it’s good to have.
Taylor: So Isaac could tell us all what’s what.
Isaac: I don’t think I’d do it well, but it’s always good to have. That and Classical Composition and Music Theory.
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